Jehovah’s Witness girl saved by court

1040136_82699226In an article written by Zelda Venter and published on June 7, 2014, by IOL news of South Africa, a 10-year-old Jehovah’s Witness girl was saved in South Africa when “The Centre for Child Law” in Pretoria instructed an advocate to go to the Durban High Court after parents refused life saving treatment for their anemic child who suffered from a bleeding disorder. This was possible because the child’s doctor – a specialist in paediatric haematology – took the necessary step to get the child treatment rather than trying to accommodate the parents wishes. Ironically, the child needed a platelet transfusion. Platelets are among the smallest of all blood components and literally dwarfed in size by the much larger components permitted by Watchtower policy. For now, the story is available online here.

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